Turbo Dismount

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turbo_dismountTurbo Dismount is a game which is popular all over the world and is available for all platforms. In fact this game is a unique mixture of vehicular destruction and violence game with elements of physics. In some way, this game is a bit similar to Happy Wheels, but in my opinion, Turbo Dismount has much better graphics and gameplay. The version of the game available at out website is created in Unity 3D, this means that you will need a unity player to enjoy the game. The good news is that Unity player is available for free. So, if you have never played the Turbo Dismount (TD) game before you are going to have a great time.

turboTurbo Dismount is a free game but there are some new features that you can unlock for money. In the free version you are given 3 vehicles and 3 maps. Each aditional unlock may cost you from $0.99 to $5.99. Even with the free version of the TD you will have a lot of fun. At the beginning of the game you have to choose your vehicle,path and position of dummy. You can also adjust camera and driving angle. When everything is selected, you can start your deadly ride. Remember that you can change the obstacles on the way of your vehicle. For example you can add a Turbo path to get even more speed or make a tramplin to make your car jump high in the air. The more you crush and damage your car, break the bones of poor doomie, the higher points will you get at the end. There is a feature of video replay in the end of your ride, so you can record a video and share it with friends.

Turbo Dismount is a new era in online gaming. The features of the game as well as the graphics make you really engaged and it may pass several hours like 5 minutes while you are playing it. Our website offers you to play the Turbo Dismount game for free. Hope that you will enjoy it.